Points Of View: Who Are You Blogging For?

It’s a sentiment I see quite often. One I’ve seen at least twice in the last week and usually a couple times every week as a regular thing. It’s something I kinda agree with but never thought too much about until it occurred to me that I also kinda disagree with it.

The gist of this sentiment is that if you’re a writer with a blog, You should be blogging for readers, not other writers. You should be putting out content that readers find interesting. You shouldn’t be writing blog posts on how to do a great kickstarter, or how to build up that email list. You shouldn’t be putting up blog posts on which advertising efforts worked for you, and which ones didn’t.

Which is all very well and good, and I totally agree that as a blogger, I want to be pulling in new readers.


I think we’re all forgetting one very important consideration, and that is this: most writers are readers. We love reading. For most of us, reading was the gateway that led to writing. And we’re always on the lookout for our next good read. So I don’t think we should be afraid of blogging for writers once in a while.

Also, if you want an example of a talented and very successful writer who blogs almost exclusively for other writers, check out Lindsay Buroker‘s blog. It’s been immensely helpful to me personally, and you can’t say that it’s a blog for readers. Yet Lindsay is doing remarkably well for herself.

It all goes to show, as Chuck Berry said, that ya never can tell…

4 thoughts on “Points Of View: Who Are You Blogging For?

  1. Spot on! I also think that some readers are interested in the process of writing. Even before I started writing, I liked to knowing about how my favorite author produced their latest. So we shouldn’t be afraid to talk some about what goes into bringing a book to market!

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  2. I have approached the blog as a reader before and as a writer, but generally I don’t read blogs. I believe yours and Mark Lawrence’s blogs are the only ones I have visited more than once ha ha Ha…

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