Upcoming Tours/Events

MASQUE’s 1st Birthday Bash is coming up! There will be a big giveaway–1 x signed paperback of MASQUE, 1 x “I’m ALWAYS up to something” MASQUE tshirt, 1 x 18k rose gold plated Masque earrings, and 1 x Teatime Necklace by Purple Bird Creations–and for the next month and a half I will be writing interviews, blog posts, and previously unpublished bits and pieces from Isabella Farrah’s world. Keep your eye out for updates and new content! I’ll update this post later with further details 🙂

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Tours/Events

  1. I have a question! You have written several books now–to someone just starting out reading your work, what do you consider to be your best work and (if different) do you have a novel you recommend more than others?

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    • Oooh, that’s a hard one! The ‘best’ one is usually the latest one (in this case, Spindle) because I’ve had the experience of writing the others before it. But for recommendations, I’d have to know whether a person prefers scifi or fantasy, and whether they preferred NA or YA. If scifi, then I’d recommend ‘A Time-Traveller’s Best Friend.’ For fantasy, I’d probably tell them to start with ‘Masque’.

      Thanks for your question 🙂


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